Coda elev



You are going to work on the storyline of the film by writing a recount of the film. You will then analyse the themes of the film and explore the special features that can be found in this particular film. This will include work relating to special sound effects and camera angles, genre and conflicts. You can also work on producing a film on your own with a focus on using film effects.

English learning goals: 

  • Write a recount
  • Be able to relate to the theme of ”feeling left out” 
  • Be able to interpret and talk about the lives of other teenagers and be able to pinpoint events or life situations that are out of the ordinary

Cinematic learning goals:

Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S

Film og forforståelse

'CODA' is an American drama, which plays out in a small American city. It is about a girl named Ruby, who is born into a deaf family. She is the only one in her family who can hear. Her teenage life is just like that of any other teenager but due to her special situation, she experiences both internal and external conflicts that influence her life choices. 

The title of the film is written in capital letters. At first glance, the title does not seem to refer to any of the characters in the film. 

  • Find out why the film is called CODA. What does this word mean?
  • The word CODA actually has two meanings. What is the second one and do you think it is significant for this film?
Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S


  • Write a recount of the film. The recount should consist of at least three paragraphs and three headings
    • Beginning
    • Middle
    • End 
  • Gestures and other expressions are very important in order for us to understand one another when we speak face to face. In pairs, interview one another and answer the question below without using gestures or other expressions – keep a straight face.  
    • Who is Ruby?
    • Discussion: Was it difficult to keep a straight face? Why? Why not?
Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S



In groups

  • When, as a teenager, do you sometimes feel left out?
    • At school
    • At home
    • In other social settings
  • On what occasions in the film do Ruby/the brother feel left out?
  • On what occasions in the film does the family feel left out?
Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S


In groups

  • How would you describe Ruby’s life?
  • How does her life differ from the lives of other teenagers?  
  • What things in her life do you think she should not have to be dealing with? 
Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S


CINEMATIC EFFECTS: Sound and Camera angles

In groups

Read about subjective sound and camera angles in the Filmleksikon.

  • What effects have been used to show the viewer how the world is perceived by people with impaired hearing? 
  • When in the film are these effects most effective? 
  • Why do you think these effects have been added and how do they affect you?


In groups of four


  • Easy: Film each other with a phone from a worm’s eye view and from a bird’s eye view.
  • Hard: Film each other with a phone using point of view and zoom in on a specific thing. You may add subjective sound effects also.


In class


  • Present your films. Discuss the different effects used. Did they work as intended? How do the different camera angles affect the mood and feel of the scene?



Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S


In groups

Read about conflicts in the Filmleksikon.

  • What external conflicts affect Ruby?
    • How does she handle them?
  • What internal conflicts affect Ruby?
    • How does she handle the?
  • The film ends on a happy note; but how are all the conflicts resolved?
Foto: Nordisk Filmdistribution A/S

Genre: A coming of age drama

In groups

Read about coming-of-age and drama films in the Filmleksikon.

  • What makes the film a drama?
  • What does "coming of age" mean and why do you think the expression can be used to describe the genre?